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Lawsuits Target Higher Ed: What Retirement Plan Sponsors Need to Know

Posted by on 08.16.16

Retirement plan excessive fee litigation surrounding 403(b) plans was a hot topic in the employee benefit plan world this past week. Several universities that sponsor 403(b) plans were added to excessive fee litigation filed by the law firm of Schlichter, Bogard & Denton, bringing the total to eight universities having to defend their decisions for their retirement plans. These suits are the first of their kind in the 403(b) plan industry, while these lawsuits have been occurring for the past decade for 401(k) plans.

Some of the shortcomings of the plan sponsor’s duties based on the litigation include:

Improper investment selections,
Too many service providers,
Too many investment choices, and
Plan sponsors not using their plan size as a bargaining chip to reduce costs.

The series of recent litigations make it clear that retirement plans in higher education will be under increased, unprecedented scrutiny. What can you do as the plan sponsor of a benefit plan, whether that plan is a 403(b) or a 401(k)?

Those charged with governance for an employee benefit plan have a fiduciary responsibility to act solely in the interest of participants and beneficiaries of the plan. Although there is no rule on the proper number of investment options that should be available for a plan, the plan sponsor is responsible for selecting and monitoring the investment alternatives that are made available under the plan. This responsibility also includes ensuring that the plan pays only reasonable administrative fees, which may be made up of fees relating to investments within the plan. Additionally, those charged with governance should understand how fees are paid and monitor those fees and expenses.


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