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Quarterly Nonprofit Newsletter

With year-end fundraising well underway, the nonprofit sector has turned its attention to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in 2017. On the brink of the new year, the latest edition of the Nonprofit Standard discusses how potential tax reforms could impact nonprofit's day-to-day operations and highlights the IRS' Fiscal Year 2017 priorities for tax-exempt organizations. Dive into the full issue for further guidance on the nonprofit financial reporting ASU and a comprehensive examination of foreign income tax considerations for nonprofit employees. 

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Nonprofit Standard Newsletter - Fall 2016

As summer turns to fall, many nonprofits are entering their biggest fundraising season of the year. But along with the challenges fundraising activity can spur, organizations are facing a host of complicated developments in the industry. On the accounting side, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) recently released Phase 1 of its Nonprofit Financial Reporting Project, which has been hailed as the "biggest change to nonprofit accounting in two decades." Regulatory activity also abounds, with new regulations around deferred compensation poised to impact the way many nonprofits structure their compensation and benefits plans. In the latest edition of BDO's Nonprofit Standard newsletter, our thought leaders offer comprehensive advice for nonprofits as they navigate these challenges. 

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Lawsuits Target Higher Ed: What Retirement Plan Sponsors Need to Know

Retirement plan excessive fee litigation surrounding 403(b) plans was a hot topic in the employee benefit plan world this past week. Several universities that sponsor 403(b) plans were added to excessive fee litigation filed by the law firm of Schlichter, … 

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Nonprofit Standard Newsletter - Summer 2016

Philanthropic donations reached a record-high of $373.25 billion in 2015, according to Giving USA's latest report. As the sector expands, so do the hurdles and complexities nonprofit organizations face in achieving their missions. Read the latest issue of BDO's Nonprofit Standard Newsletter for comprehensive insights on new regulations and current trends in the sector. In this issue, we discuss tips on enhancing nonprofit cybersecurity and review pending tax legislation designed to protect the charitable deduction.

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Nonprofit Tax Legislation Addresses Donor Privacy and the Charitable Deduction

While a slim summer schedule has the House and Senate on extended recesses through much of July and August, legislators continue to introduce and vote on bills addressing noteworthy concerns in the nonprofit industry, with consequences both long and short-term.

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May 16 Deadline

May 16 is the deadline for calendar year-end nonprofit organizations to file annual information reports (such as Form 990) for 2015.

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11 Risks Hidden in Your Form 990

As watchdog groups and other stakeholders continue to expect increased transparency from nonprofits, it’s become all the more important for organizations to prepare Form 990 as accurately and completely as possible. These publicly available forms can expose organizations to public scrutiny, but they can also leave the door open for preventable penalties from the IRS and state and local taxing authorities. Read the list below to learn about some of the hidden pitfalls in your Form 990 that you  may never have noticed, but need to address.

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The Latest in Accounting for Government Assistance – What Nonprofits Need to Know

Back in November 2015, the FASB released a proposed accounting standard update (ASU) designed to increase transparency about government assistance to businesses for comment. This proposed ASU,Government Assistance (Topic 832): Disclosures by Business Entities About Government Assistance, was developed in response to increasing levels of monetary assistance from both the federal government and state and local governments as well. In the proposed ASU, nonprofits have been initially scoped out.

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Spring is here, and it's time for nonprofit organizations to "clean house" by examining their management and overall performance. To learn more on the latest developments and trends in the nonprofit industry, take a look at the latest issue of BDO's Nonprofit Standard. It includes:

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