Get to Know Emily Fischbach, Staff Tax Accountant
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Get to Know Emily Fischbach, Staff Tax Accountant

Describe your role at Weber O’Brien: 

My current role at Weber O’Brien is a Staff Tax Accountant in the BCG department. I prepare corporate and any accompanying state and local tax returns, prepare year-end trial balances, and assist in the year-end tax planning process.

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Update Your Mileage Rate Reimbursements For 2017

If you intend to use your vehicle for business, charitable activities, medical appointments, or moving during 2017, be aware that the optional standard mileage rates for computing the deductible costs have changed.

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Do You Need To Revise Your Final Estimated Payment?

The last installment of your 2016 estimated federal income tax is due January 17, 2017.

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Year-End Is Fast Approaching

Consider these planning ideas:

Sell stocks currently held at a loss. You can write off the first $3,000 of those losses as an ordinary loss and the excess capital loss can be used to offset capital gain.

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2016 Year-End Tax Planning for Individuals

Individual income taxes, whether paid through employer withholding or quarterly estimates, are probably one of your largest annual expenditures. So, just as you would shop around for the best price for food, clothing, or merchandise, you want to consider opportunities to reduce or defer your annual tax obligation. This Tax Letter is intended to assist you in that effort. 

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2016 Year-End Tax Planning for Businesses

The time to consider tax-saving opportunities for your business is before its tax year-end. Some of these opportunities may apply regardless of whether your business is conducted as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, S corporation, or regular corporation. Other opportunities may apply only to a particular type of business organization. This Tax Letter is organized into sections discussing year-end, and year-round, tax-saving opportunities for:

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Quarterly Nonprofit Newsletter

With year-end fundraising well underway, the nonprofit sector has turned its attention to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in 2017. On the brink of the new year, the latest edition of the Nonprofit Standard discusses how potential tax reforms could impact nonprofit's day-to-day operations and highlights the IRS' Fiscal Year 2017 priorities for tax-exempt organizations. Dive into the full issue for further guidance on the nonprofit financial reporting ASU and a comprehensive examination of foreign income tax considerations for nonprofit employees. 

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7 things Millennials should not say to supervisors

Most CPAs, no matter their age, have said things they regret, either out of frustration or because they did not mull over their thoughts or articulate them properly. Some people also fall into bad habits, using certain words or phrases that are deemed less than professional. For instance, established leaders sometimes say the wrong thing to Millennials.

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Get to Know Andrew Byers, Staff Accountant

Describe your role at Weber O’Brien: 

I am a member of the accounting and assurance team. I assist with the review of company’s financials and help ensure quality and efficiency for a variety of different clients that include: non-profits, governmental, and small to medium sized businesses.

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Complete These Retirement Plan Steps Before Year-End

December 31 is the last day you can benefit from certain retirement tax breaks. For example, if you haven't put the maximum amount allowed in your 401(k) – $18,000 in 2016 – increasing your contributions can save you money. 

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