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What to Do if Recruiters Don’t Have Time to Read Your Cover Letter

Posted by on 02.15.17

A position just opened up at your dream company. You've combed through your resume to make sure everything is up to date (and spelled correctly). All that's left is to personalize your pitch with a stellar cover letter. Except – here's the thing – it may not get read. According to a 2016 Jobvite survey, about one-quarter of recruiters say a cover letter is not important when reviewing applications. But with a little creativity, there are still ways you can highlight those intangibles that don't always stand out on a resume but can make you the perfect fit.

Nail the Modern Resume

The extinction of the cover letter might not be a major loss, but it does mean you've got to get a bit more innovative with other parts of your application. This starts with the resume. Simple is better; you don't need extravagant, custom-designed logos or neon font (unless you work in graphic design or another creative industry).

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