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Posted by on 01.19.17

In a survey conducted by the NAHB in 2015, 70% of recent and prospective home buyers preferred a completely or partially open kitchen-family room, with 32% preferring a completely open arrangement. In 2016, when a similar question was asked on the NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index survey, 84% of builders said that, in their new single-family homes, their kitchen-family room is completely or partially open, with 54% saying their arrangements are completely open.

Of the remaining possibilities, 16 percent of buyers want the kitchen and family rooms in separate areas of the house, and 6 percent of builders say this is how their typical homes are designed. Eleven percent of buyers want the two areas side-by-side but separated by a wall, while only 2 percent of builders design their typical homes this way. And 4 percent of buyers prefer a home without a family room, while 9 percent of builders do not include a family room in their typical homes.

No hard data exists on open floor plans in existing homes. In the first quarter 2016 Remodeling Market Index survey, however, remodelers reported that 40% of their projects involved making existing floor plans more open.


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