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7 things Millennials should not say to supervisors

Posted by on 12.12.16

Most CPAs, no matter their age, have said things they regret, either out of frustration or because they did not mull over their thoughts or articulate them properly. Some people also fall into bad habits, using certain words or phrases that are deemed less than professional. For instance, established leaders sometimes say the wrong thing to Millennials.

Millennials face even greater challenges. They have grown up in an era of instant contact, with emails and texts often taking precedence over phone calls or in-person encounters. As a result, they and other digital-leaning individuals may find themselves at times underprepared to pilot the nuances of certain tricky professional, in-person situations that arise in the workplace. When that happens, even the most well-intentioned of us might sometimes say something too quickly or fail to explain the true meaning behind our words.

Here are seven things Millennials and, for that matter, all employees, should avoid saying to their supervisors, and why:


Source:, By Cheryl Meyer